Platon Private Schools (named after the great Greek philosopher, Plato) is a school complex consisting of a nursery school, a kindergarten, a Primary school, a Middle school and a High school. Therefore, students of all ages coexist in a modern environment providing then with high quality education.

The school unit  counts 570 students of ages 1 to 18. Each class has about 20 students in average allowing the teacher to assist every student personally. Students are transferred to and from school with the school’s buses.

Platon Private School is very much involved into Erasmus+KA2 projects. For the last 6 years we run about 12 projects per year, as a result we have built an extended network of schools and institutions all over Europe which is used for collaboration both among teachers and students…

Finally, it is our school’s priority to educate both mind and spirit and to build a healthy body, following the ancient Greek proverb “Healthy mind in a healthy body”.