The local calendar of events will be carried out continuously during the 3-year period of the project. Similarly, a transnational meeting will take place three times a year which will aim to coordinate the tasks of management, implementation and dissemination whilst also providing the opportunity to debate, find a consensus, present conclusions and select results. This programme will finish with two staff-training activities which will tackle the shortcomings of the association regarding a scientific approach to the two topic areas in both their diachronic and synchronic strands as well as a study into active work methodologies within the classroom, cooperative learning and the use of artistic resources as a classroom tool.

We hope this approach will have a direct impact on not only the schools involved, but also on the local communities and their network of partnerships as well as a wide-ranging network of European schools. This will be done through our Dissemination Plan which will be carried out both within the institutions involved in the project and also by the educational authorities, schools and institutions that are to be found within this area of activity.

It is to be hoped that the ultimate benefit will be an improvement in the levels of discrimination, conflict and bullying within schools as well as a greater awareness of gender diversity and affective sexual orientation. Similarly, we hope to spread inclusive values and improve the way in
which those schools committed to the promotion of democratic values and an active and efficient citizenship approach diversity management.